Peform-a-thons are way cooler than Phone-a-thons

April 10th, 2010.

10 reasons why Perform-a-thons are cooler that phone-a-thons

I was a chick and wore a dress (it was nice).

I wore 5inch heels.

I tripped and almost fell while trying to save a parking space.

I got a #1 sticker.

An old guy hit on me (that was awkward).

I screwed up my piece and forgot the ending.

My “fear” didn’t notice me, but everyone else did (that confuses me).

I saw My “fear” wear a suit and play guitar (heart melting).

I had a horrendous tan line and can never get over the pictures from my performance.

I got to listen to music.

And that is why perform-a-thons are way cooler than phone-a-thons.


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